ParamERP Basic

ParamERP Basic offers a full featured, module-based print MIS workflow. The Basic solution offers print estimation and is equipped with database management and reporting features for customer information, pricing, and quotation history.

Estimation is the basis of profit generation for print organisation and accuracy at initial stage effectively determines flexibility to handle business in the market. Auto selection of printing style, paper size, selection of type of printing among Digital, Web & Sheetfed offset, effect of negotiated price on profit, template creation for regular and similar jobs, costing on unlimited quantities simultaneously etc. are various features incorporated to efficiently face the market. By analysing all options with graphic interface and composite interface, you can see margins and contribution factors in cost. User configurable formulas, customization of any part to setup with your business exactly, provision for special negotiated price for all process for the client etc. are added tools to make it the best fit for the company. Costing, layout, planning, quotation management, job approval, process docket etc are part of the version. We can add different sets of pricing structures, sales commissions, company margins, profit ratio etc for sales of printed products. Online tool can be used by unlimited persons and various performance reports are part of this module. Estimate of materials, costs, power, wastage & time involvement with per hour capacity utilisation of every resource are needs of the hour.

Basic Version

ParamERP Premium

ParamERP Premium Written with the latest technology from and the world’s most advanced database Microsoft SQL Server, this version supports job input, job card, packing, dispatch, invoicing and MIS reports. Direct job submit or approved job from the list of quotations given is supported with input details of co-ordinator, delivery schedule, job contents, sequence of operations, material requisition list etc. It supports for gang job card, multiple location dispatches with multiple PODs, seamless integration with Tally 9.0/ERP etc. Full security for each user login by modules with different access level, unlimited users creation, strengthen communication, outsource operation management, finished goods stock management, reports related to orders pending, booked, in process etc are added features to empower you business. Holding of business critical data’s including customer profiles, outwork operations, machine capacity & wastage tolerance; product master, employee master etc are foundations of the business system. You can modify any characteristics of job in history to match purchase order.

ParamERP Ultimate

ParamERP Ultimate Combining all features of Basic and Premium versions, inventory, sales & marketing, purchase management, intelligent scheduling, quality control and line clearance, production management, operation control etc are valuable modules to complete business operations performed while moving every job. Masters are created to bring speed, consistency and accuracy of every step and process. To minimise the cost of holding raw materials software suggest different alerts to alarm status of particular material based on previous consumption history and demand according to jobs booked recently. Scheduling on the basis of urgency or commitments, common substrates & operations, purchase order for common items and suppliers, pre-alerts for scheduled jobs on every operations, reports related to jobs, wastage, category, products, customers, dates, areas, performance, capacity utilization, efficiency analysis, pending invoices & dispatches, comparison of actual and estimated cost are few points to mention. To customize according to applications, we have developed a mechanism that allows the creation of user defined templates that are literally built to meet the requirements of the individual user.


Best to choose among paper sizes, machine specifications and wastage options: Layout plan shows all combinations with papers and machines specifications considered and then subsequently costing chart shows percent or kg wastage to choose best suitable option to quote. ParamERP boasts a powerful analysis tool that shows the cross-over points between running the same job on different presses or between different impositions on the same press.

No need to put numbers of "ups" or "forms" or type of printing machine choice before planning, but ParamERP decide intelligently the best for a particular job. No limitation of job size or any odd size or any content in a job while planning for a client to offer in a single quote.


ParamERP provides a system to track and charge for all prepress, print materials and post print operations as customer demands for jobs in. It gives you layouts with all geometrical options and job specifications. You have to feed job specifications and choice of papers only. It will automatically choose combinations of resources to consider immediately.

ParamERPkeep estimates under control and makes printing profitable and you can evaluate production options.

Quick & Accurate

ParamERP makes it easy to adjust rates to give accurate cost based estimates that make printing profitable. This system will put you in touch with your costs, help keep them under control, and provide accurate estimates. It takes all costs, wastages & profit ratio at every stage under control. It responds in flash to any change after estimation done so no need for re-work but always consider best plan for particular quantity.


Better service for your existing clients Get instant recall of past jobs for quick quotes and cannot do any change in original quote but subsequently can resend revised quotes, if any change. You customers will appreciate being able to get an accurate costing estimate always. This is an important way PaamERP improves your customer service. You can grant different authorities to different users at terminals as per responsibility in the organisation.


ParamERP results speedy process, accurate estimation, ease of use to all team members. You see each price calculation completely and logically so that you get reliable consistent pricing without oversights and easy to learn. You can add unlimited paper sizes, operations, users, machines and clients and have flexibility to customize at every stage.


Respond quickly and accurately to new business opportunities The desirable feature is the written quote as on company letter-head, you can mail directly to client, especially when you have opportunities to bid on work from new clients. So there is no need of hand quote or print, attach and create junk filling. History of quotes is maintained in a quick and easy to navigate list.ParamERP will make you look your best and more responsive to quote requests.


Your purchase ofParamERP includes a full year of free online support –Plus you get free updates always. You may extend those benefits afterwards at nominal charges. You can ask to upgrade with additional features at any time. We support usage at unlimited terminals.


There has been utmost concern for data security in printing organisations. The type of platform, the mode of file transfer, quality of firewalls among server and terminals are factors responsible for security. ParamERP is based on the most secured and advance platform among Print MIS solutions available in India.