The strengths a ParamERP System can bring to your organisation are limitless and beyond your expectations.

Major Features

  • Written using the latest technology from Microsoft .net Framework and the world’s advanced development SQL server, resulting new algorithm with more profitability and efficiency.
  • Software intelligence designed to eliminate steps, improve production accuracy, reduce waste, efficient inventory control, strengthen communication and streamline workflow. It ‘generates and test’ for best plan
  • Fully customisable interface and formulae to get the exact fit for your business means meets individual needs
  • Layout diagrams with all plans, specific & customized job cards, Choice on all standard or special paper specifications, Template quotes, best selection criteria for your set-up etc
  • Full Job history list, know exactly the status of the job, variance report to show profitability by job
  • Full security for each user login by module with different access levels and we extend free support for unlimited terminals with all versions
  • Software support global access to a centralized database
  • An implementation, training and ongoing support system capable of assisting your business in the go-live process and day-to-day use
  • All updates Free for the first year of installation. ...and many more unmatchable tools to improve the overall Press management, communications & profitability