Param ERP Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is an organisation engaged in development and implementation of management softwares for industrial organisations. We are focusing on innovation and research on development of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems that provide significant tangible values to industries. For all but the printing organizations, an ERP system promises big gains, helping to grow revenue, increase productivity companywide, improve efficiency throughout the enterprise and manage more »

ParamERP is available in versions:

Compatible with Microsoft XP Windows editions up to Windows 7.
  • Increases operational Efficiency
  • Enables effective Communication Increases
  • Profitability by removing duplicate processes
  • Gives comprehensive Estimations
  • Better Control on wastages at all steps
  • Visibility of hidden Cost to cover
  • Greater Analysis tool
  • Optimization of resources Material, Machine, Time
  • Quotation Management
  • Speeding Up Planning, Estimation and Quotation preparation activities.
  • Productive Use of cut piece paper available in stocks.
  • Facility to quote ONLINE with all versions.
  • Facility to integrate with your Accounting Software.
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