Param ERP Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is an organisation engaged in development and implementation of management softwares for industrial organisations. We are focusing on innovation and research on development of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems that provide significant tangible values to industries. For all but the printing organizations, an ERP system promises big gains, helping to grow revenue, increase productivity companywide, improve efficiency throughout the enterprise and manage costs.

Software should add simplicity with efficiency to the system. It’s time for developing advance solution for printing industry that connects to everyone, every operation and system to meet business goals with more profitability and more efficiency. ParamERP, print management software, is developed to serve printers, print brokers and corporate users, who need flexible, quick, consistent and accurate planning & estimation tool. Actually these organisations need affordable solutions to match best combination of cost, quality, delivery, productivity & profitability.

Every feedback given by printers and factors control over costing, job production, order management and MIS information’s have been included to make it revolutionary application tool for printing industry.

Multiple job flexibility, multiple capacity consideration, full control on variable factors in day to day working, command over individual process for every customer, cost effectiveness and wastage management etc are strength of ParamERP software.

ParamERP has matured to become an innovator, where we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers.

ParamERP is available in 3 commercial versions: Basic, Premium & Ultimate, depending upon the requirements and utilities. This way you can transform your organisation gradually to make sure that system and culture changes are manageable and successful. We can provide customization to suit your particular applications and requirements also. Because we want our products to deliver maximum benefit that a MIS can bring in your way of working.